Stundenplanung neu gedacht: Apps als Schanierstellen

More schools nowadays try to prepare the students via the use of tablets such as iPad within their lessons. The use of iPad can only be successful when teachers are equipped with knowledge on the range of available Apps and how to implement these Apps within their classrooms. Therefore for the Erasmus+ project “e-teach the teachers” we decided to write an interactive manual which could lead the teachers step by step through the use of the App and suggest what sort of audience they can use the App for. You can download all our results for free in this ebook.

This projects builds upon the work of an earlier Erasmus+ project, MTTEP (Mobilising and Transforming Teacher Education Pedagogies) , making extensive use of the iPAC framework to evaluate the affordances and benefits of various apps.

The project was funded through Erasmus+ and involves 3 partners schools in Germany, The Netherlands and UK.

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